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Specializing in native advertising and content marketing for IT security firms and tech-oriented nonprofits, Blumsday brings the standards of top-quality journalism to organizations where nothing but the truth will do. 


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Our Content Philosophy

Businesses and organizations that once paid to advertise in print and online are becoming de facto media companies that tell their story directly to customers, vendors and regulators. At the same time, information consumers have never been more savvy. Today’s consumers demand more than marketing. They want reality. Not spin.

Our Approach

We do not seek to brand, develop focus groups or impose message control. We trust in the reader’s innate ability to recognize the truth when they see it. Our work relies on solid reporting and great storytelling to earn the reader’s trust.

Our Values

We work like old-school reporters. We read printed reports and documents, get sources on the phone and make every attempt to meet them in person. Then we report what we’ve learned. It’s as simple as that.

We disclose all potential conflicts of interest. Our stories carry the same weight in quality and truth as stories written for traditional media publications.

Our Value

We have no offices, don’t pay rent, and there are no hidden agency fees or marketing costs. We are a cloud-based company that uses online content management and collaboration tools to stay lean and efficient. We are respectful of issues related to confidentiality, and we work with our clients to make sure sensitive or proprietary information is not disclosed. We stay in regular contact with clients to make sure the final product is precisely what they expect.

Here Are Some Of Our Clients

"Blumsday added a new layer of credibility to what we do,"  -- Anthony Mowl, national marketing director, Communication Service for the Deaf. 

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