The #Digitalskeptic Not-Technically-An-Hour Radio Hour: Show Number Three

We're back, yet again, for another hour of how young adults can manage information better in the Information Age.

This week, we fix the "Broken Bicycle Wheel that is Twitter."

Here's the breakdown on this show:

5 Minutes: Intro and "What IS Twitter Anyway."

7 Minutes: Shameless plug from our sponsor Brookside Research.

11 Minutes: Why "Bicycle Wheel," the conceptual master piece by Marcel Duchamp, is the best way to think about Twitter. 

15 Minutes: Effing up The Follower Factory: If you're confused by Twitter, don't worry, even the smartest people are to, like in this story from The New York Times.

18 Minutes: Blum Outtweets Trump: How my meager Twitter following at @Digitalskeptic, is in many ways, more effective than President Donald Trump's.

32 Minutes: The RemindYouWhatItsLikeToBeAlive Mix: The Goldberg Variations. How JS Bach's 1741 piece can be an example of what Twitter could be: Short, iterative and utterly free of hate and fear.

42 Minutes: The Doooo Something Moment. You asked for it. Some serious Twitter Analytics. We enter Twitter's simply-awful analytics page, and show you how it works and doesn't work. And what you can do to use the system more efficiently.

54 Minutes: Ideas of the Week: A round up of ideas and opportunities in Twitter, running on Twitter. Aren't we clever.