The #DigitalSkeptic Not Technically an Hour Radio Hour: Show Two.

We're finally back in the studio -- after all these years -- talking Information Science to young adults. Seriously, the love it.

Let's just call it a "good hour" of truth, beauty and only a little nerdy stuff.

Here are the APPROXIMATE run times for this 1 hour and 9 minute show.

1 Minute or so: Introduction.

8 Minutes or so: A word from our sponsor Brookside Research:

10 Minutes or so: Check the Box: If the news isn't making you angry sometimes, it isn't news.

14 Minutes or so: My "Conference call" with Zuckerburg and Louis CK.

21 Minutes or so: The RemindYouWhatit'sLiketobeAlive Mix. Our refreshing mystery music mix by Glowpuppy Studios

32 Minutes or so: The "Do Something" Section: Lets De-zombify Facebook.

41 Minutes or so: What's Money: Cyrotocurrency: The Storyless Investment.

42 Minutes or so: News of the Week:

  • Amazon raises Prime prices to reflect costs.
  • Wall Street Journal uses the word "Anti-trust" next to Google, Facebook and Apple.
  • Huffington Post ends unpaid contributions. (Wow!)
  • Streaming video companies admit what horrible businesses they are.

62 Minutes or so:  Farewells, and our last line "You folks have a world to go fix."